A Web dashboard to inspect and query Terraform states

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Install from source

$ go get github.com/camptocamp/terraboard

Launch with Docker

# Set AWS credentials as environment variables:
export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=<access_key>
export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<access_secret>
# Spin up the two containers and a network for them to communciate on:
docker network create terranet
docker run --name db \
  -e POSTGRES_USER=gorm \
  -e POSTGRES_DB=gorm \
  -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD="<mypassword>" \
   --net terranet \
  --restart=always postgres -d
docker run -p 8080:8080 \
 -e AWS_REGION="<region>" \
 -e AWS_BUCKET="<bucket>" \
 -e AWS_DYNAMODB_TABLE="<table>" \
 -e DB_PASSWORD="<mypassword>" \
 --net terranet \



“Terraboard looks cool! I want it to visualize the infra resources of the Federal Spatial Data Infrastructure @swiss_geoportal @camptocamp #FSDI #Terraform ”
26 Nov 2017

Christ Hanspeter

Christ Hanspeter @hpchrist

“Terraboard from @raphink a tool for interrogating Terraform remote state looks seriously cool. #cfgmgmtcamp”
6 Feb 2018

Nic Jackson

Nic Jackson @sheriffjackson

“Thanks @camptocamp for the terraboard! It helps managing infra using @HashiCorp’s Terraform at @exoscale. #dogfood”
23 Feb 2018

Yoan Blanc

Yoan Blanc @greut


Terraboard lets you visualize and query Terraform state informations stored in a versioned S3 bucket.

AWS Support

Terraboard gets its data from versioned S3 buckets and DynamoDB databases.

Advanced Search

Ever wondered in which Terraform project your resources are managed? Terraboard’s search interface helps you answer that!

Charts Overview

The dashboard features charts with useful stats on your Terraform resources.

Container Ready

Terraboard comes packaged as a small container, making it fast and easy to deploy on all container platforms.

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